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Special call for young scholars

Dear young scholars, postgrads, post-docs, PhD and MA candidates, lecturers, assistant professors, and researchers,

As you know, the next APEAA meeting, to be held at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, 9-10 May, will be devoted to the theme "Academy as Community". Our aim is to discuss and find alternatives to research in the, broadly understood, field of English Studies in the Humanities, and to the integration in academia – a difficult process for young scholars, which more than ever face precarious career prospects and a sine die postponement of their expectations.
While it is difficult to address and impact on the macro-structure of this problem individually, we must try to get together and discuss more effective forms of asserting our claims. On the other hand, the APEAA can be turned into what their associates want from it, and it surely is apt to provide an intellectual environment that stimulates shared knowledge.
Therefore, we are issuing this special call to motivate all young scholars to participate actively in the next APEAA, by suggesting panels or papers and by participating in a special activity we would like to launch this year: an exhibit of posters illustrating your projects' main themes, problems, routes and avenues, for which we plan also to provide time for discussion. Quoting from our general call (attached):

Since the integration of younger scholars is paramount to renew our institutions, we make a special call for graduate and post-graduate students to propose posters (maximum size A1= 841 x 594 mm / 33.1 x 23.4 in) with their ongoing research projects, which will be exhibited, presented, and discussed during the conference. The working languages are English and Portuguese, and abstracts (300 word max) should be sent by the 31st March.
When sending an abstract or poster proposal, please provide:
·       full title of paper, or poster;
·       full name of author;
·       institutional affiliation;
·       individual e-mail address;
·       brief bio (max. 5 lines);
·       audiovisual requirements

Students' fee is 50 euros. 
Let's all participate in building an organic and viable academic community.

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